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Charlene Young Spotlight

Meet Charlene Young

Our head of People and Culture reveals all.


What is your proudest achievement in your
Eight career?

Wow, there are lots of things I am proud of working at Eight! I love being able to try new concepts and ways of working. I am proud to have been able to grow the People & Culture team during the pandemic, so we can offer real value, creativity and support to our people. One of our new initiatives, “Respect at Eight”, and in particular “Respecting Religious Observations” is a piece of work that is getting so much support and love from across our Eight family. It is encouraging our people to view how we do things differently, whilst empowering individuals and their managers to be more supportive of each other.


What would you say is your favourite part about working at Eight?

The people! I know it’s a cliché, however the people are my favourite thing about working for Eight. You are never alone, there is always someone to pick you up and help you out. Our success depends on everyone working together, as a family, in the same direction.


How do you like to relax?

I am always on the go! During the week, I work out early in the morning to energise me for the day ahead. In the evening, you will normally find me hanging out on the sofa with my boys watching a family movie or series. Weekends, we’re normally running the boys to football and rugby, volunteering, walking our dog, or in the garden with my chickens. When I’m being a grown up, I also like a cake and coffee date, or having a glass of fizz or a gin with my friends, all of which I’d prefer to be taking place somewhere hot with a chilled out vibe! Reality is, you are more likely to find me body boarding or trekking up some hills in the UK rather than in Ibiza chilling with a cocktail!  


What were you doing before you joined the
Eight team?

Before I joined Eight, I was in a completely different sector. I was HR Manager for a software integration company. I was there from the beginning, however after several years we were acquired by a large international company. After a year of transitioning the team over into the new company, I decided leave as I wanted to work back in an SME, where I could be me, a person and not just a small cog in the wheel. So glad I found Eight because we are all encouraged to own our roles and be the best versions of ourselves. It really is an addictive place to work, I love it! 


If you could give your younger self advice what would it be?

Everything will work out one way or another. Just choose a direction and go for it. Enjoy the ride, learn from it and appreciate everyone around you!

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